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Sea Coast Etching can help you create your next glass or mirror masterpiece as a beautiful additon to your home or office. 
SCE produces unique, high-quality work that makes a great addition to your home or office, or a wonderful personalized gift for any occasion. We create single layered or multi-shaded etched glass by hand. We achieve this look by hand, not computer, to ensure the quality, craftsmanship, and level of detail that clients can expect. ​​
The single layered style makes a simple yet elegant, bold look. A great way to add something to your wooden table top while protecting the finish at the same time.
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SCE's multi-stage glass etching and shading techniques are extremely detailed to result in the most beautiful, natural looking designs in etched, carved and illuminated art glass. SCE can come to your home to do an estimate or can ship anywhere. We will talk with you first to create your design on paper, then will begin the etching process after you have approved it.
a three-dimensional look with stunning tonal variations throughout the design. Installed as a wall divider